About our company...

We’ve kept a lot of the details close to our chest. That is, until now. We, Think Tankers have been selected for Surge for one just one but two ideas among the 400 best ideas across the world. There will be roster of incredible speakers, CEOs, investors, media, partners and startups that will be part of the event. Over 4,000 folks will join us, including 400 incredible startups, who will be exhibiting across two days along with us.

When we started out with 13 interns one and a half years ago at our first attempt to asking for a lever to move India one step ahead we never for one moment thought we would be preparing to be part of best tech conferences in the world. But it’s happening and we’re looking forward to this event and make it big.

What we do?

Think Tankers is a faceted global management company that serves businesses, governments and foundations. We help our clients by understanding their current problems, identifying opportunities for change and developing strategies which yield better informed decisions. Think Tankers is designed to operate as one brand to develop innovative solutions which caters in the field of education , consulting , branding and media. Our Team consists of subject matter experts in the field of consulting, marketing, HR, sales, media. The blend of alumni from IIT, IIM and new age innovators make the team unique.

Think Edu

A dedicated vertical of the group, that focuses on making the experience of learning, filled with curiosity and inquisitiveness. The team of professed subject matter experts who believe in the cause for education. As a group, Think Tankers will strive to be the platform that'll help teachers, students, parents and school do things better and help boost the performance of the Indian Education Market. We strongly believe in taking India one step forward by providing services and launching products in this very quintessential space.

Think Branding

Got a brand? Need a logo redone? Worried of redoing your website? or just want to give your product or company a new look? We've got it covered. We make it a habit to own our client's brand and protect it while we try build the outlook of the company we are catering our services too. In this era of interactive design, design Intelligence drives the future of branding, and we live by that CODE.

Think Digital

The Digital Marketing wing, that strategizes campaigns and builds market value for products and services of the clients. We offer services such as Social Media Marketing, Content, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, Digital Advertising and Conversion Optimization. The dedicated team thrives on deadlines and deliverables and shall make sure you get the visibility you want.

Think Consulting

Think Consulting is a team of decision scientists , practical strategists and reliable executioners that leverage result-oriented analytics solutions to help our clients make smarter informed business decisions. We are committed to helping the client to seize essential advantage by working alongside in the process, solve your toughest problems, and capture your greatest opportunities.

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Surge Alpha

Proudly Announces Selection for Surge-Alpha at Bengaluru Feb 23rd and 24th